Acting against Angina

Acting against anginaChest pain is a common problem experienced by almost everyone at some point of their life. What is the reason for the chest pain determines how serious a threat it can pose to the sufferer’s life. A person might experience a feeling of pain in the chest region due to acidity, gastric problems, simple muscle related issues and some external injury. But the problem might be considered serious, if it is to do something with the heart. When the blood flow to the heart muscle is reduced, chest pain is experienced by an individual and this type of pain is referred to as Angina. It can be a sudden problem or something that might recur over time. Angina pectoris is generally considered a symptom of coronary heart disease.

Coronary Heart disease

Coronary Heart disease, commonly referred to as CHD, is a disease that causes blockages in the arteries that carry oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle. Plaque, a waxy substance begins to appear within the coronary arteries and this plaque, over time begins to accumulate and at some point becomes dense enough to block the stream of blood through the artery. These plaques can be made up of various substances found in the blood, such as calcium, fat, cholesterol and many more. Individuals affected of coronary heart disease should not consume anti-anxiety medications like Xanax.

Threats caused by plaque buildup

As mentioned before, the accumulation of plaque within the arteries eventually become large and hard enough to prevent the heart muscle from attaining blood, rich in oxygen carried forth by the arteries. This building of plaque is called as atherosclerosis and immediate medical attention is required to prevent serious health complications. The plaque within the arteries if untreated can rupture and lead to the formation of blood clot. These blood clots can grow large enough to completely stop blood flow to the heart. This can ultimately lead to a heart attack and the blood flow to the heart muscle must have to be immediately restored to prevent the sufferer from dying. As oxygen carrying blood doesn’t reach the heart, the muscles in the region begin to die. Heart failure and Arrhythmias can also occur as a result of CHD.

Arrhythmias is a condition where the rhythm of the heart beat is severely affected and a patient is said to be suffering from heart failure, when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to carry out the body’s needs. Both are serious problems that need to be addressed on an emergency basis.

Types of Angina

Angina is of different types each with its own set of symptoms and treatment methods. Stable Angina is the most commonly observed angina and it is due to the heart being made to work harder than usual. The pain occurs in a pattern in Stable angina and so the pain can be predicted after close observation of this pattern. When there is no set pattern, it is called as Unstable Angina and this is a more serious problem. A rare form of Angina is Prinzmetal’s Angina and this occurs when the coronary artery experiences a spasm. Perhaps the most severe and dangerous of all types of angina is the Microvascular Angina. Medical experts advise those with severe angina pain to purchase tramadol and consume the medication until the pain subzides.

Angina sufferers usually report heaviness in the chest, a feeling of being squeezed and may even experience pain along the jaw, neck, back, shoulders and hands. Visiting a doctor after experiencing these signs is essential to swiftly find the type of angina and accordingly provide the necessary treatment.

Deciphering the medications for treating Angina through clinical trials

There are a number of medical procedures and medicines that have been discovered and developed over the years after vigorous medical trials to ensure swift and complete recovery of the patient from the problem. Clinical trials are always carefully and extensively done to ensure that the most potent medicines are created with minimal side effects. All medicines are checked and approved by regulatory bodies in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines are available for Stable, Unstable and Variant or Prinzmetal types of Angina and extensive research is being done to find a solution for the more serious Microvascular Angina. Life style changes along with appropriate consumption of the right medicines as per the doctor’s recommendation would certainly help an individual overcome Angina effectively.