Adderall with anti-depressants

Adderall with anti-depressantsAdderall is not only a stimulant but it is also an anti-depressant. It works and stimulates the central nervous system and increases certain chemicals in the body. This is only to be taken when prescribed by the doctor and that too in the same dosage and for the same time period that the doctor prescribes. Adderall medication can be prescribed online too without the consultation costs.

Adderall and Antidepressants

Use Adderall for ADHD primarily can be used with most prescription drugs which are prescribed for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bipolar disorders and those with anger control issues. The only exception is that Wellbutrin which is an antidepressant should not be given in combination with the effect of the tricyclic antidepressants is amplified.

Adderall and Depression

The reason why Adderall is not given for normal depression and some psychiatrists prescribe other drugs for depression are due to the fact that this could be addictive for those people who have a history of addiction or are more prone to addictions. The effect of this also wears off quickly and so only those with ADD and ADHD are prescribed this. People prescribed with Adderall get dependent on it and that is not at all something that should happen and so it is frowned upon. It is also not intended for depression even though it does work for it. Adderall also makes a person build up tolerance levels extremely soon and so the strength needs to be increased ever so often and so it is not advisable. It is also tough to come off this drug as there are withdrawal symptoms and people suffer from depression during the withdrawal.

Adderall for treatment of resistant depression

Adderall is used for treatment-resistant depression and in fact, is the most commonly prescribed for depression cases. People who take Adderall find an immediate improvement in their mood as well as their motor activity. It is given to people suffering from depression and ADD or ADHD as well.

The reason why this is given for depression is that it helps to boost the confidence of the person as it works on the dopamine receptors. It helps them feel socialization is more pleasurable. Adderall also helps them increase their energy levels and decrease their tiredness as well as mental fatigue and physical fatigue too. It stimulates the brain activity. It helps to increase the focus levels of the person and the concentration as well, so the person gets to be more productive. The reason why most doctors prescribe Adderall for depression are Adderall assists in improving the mood of the person and they feel better right away and not after weeks or months. Adderall can also make people more social and outgoing.

Adderall with SSRI or TCA

Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind the psychiatrist does supplement this drug with SSRO or tricyclic antidepressants as in combination it is more effective.

However, as in the case of all these drugs, it is only advisable to take Adderall if it has been prescribed and only for as long as it is prescribed and in the dosage it has been prescribed for.