Study on Clinical trials conducted on Phentermine

 Clinical trials on phentermineThere are so many clinical trials happening on Phentermine medication. In this blog, we would look at two clinical trials one by one.

Clinical trial No 1

In this research, people were tested by giving Phentermine (30mg in the morning) alone and fenfluramine hydrochloride (20mg three times in a day) alone. Later, both these medications were combined and taken.

The lowest dosage strength of each medication was given to the people so that the adverse side effects were prevented. Here, People were provided with 15mg Phentermine in the morning whereas fenfluramine hydrochlorides with 30mg dose in the evening before a meal.

In this trial, total numbers of eighty-one people have participated. Individualized diet was provided to the people. The weight loss that occurred while taking the medications alone and while taking it in the combination was the same. In addition to this, there were no major side effects occurred in the people.

Clinical trial no 2

In this clinical trial, 56-week research was conducted to evaluate to check the efficacy and safety of the Phentermine and Topiramate medications. Even in this research, there were two teams where one team was provided with placebo pills and another team was provided with the medication.

There were certain adverse side effects experienced by the people like dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, and dyspepsia.

Why are these clinical trials conducted on Phentermine?

This is really a very nice question. Clinical trials would happen on all the medications before and after it gets approved. Before approving the drug the authorities would check whether taking the pills would help a person to improve the symptoms or not. Apart from this, they would check the safety of people while taking the drug.

Even the Phentermine medication had undergone this phase before getting approved by the drug authorities. Once the drug is used there are chances that the researchers would find many benefits of it.

So, they will conduct the clinical trials. One part of the team would be provided with placebo and other parts with Phentermine. The people will not know what medication they are taking. The reason behind this is that the researchers want to confirm whether the trust on Phentermine is helping them to lose weight or the medication itself is effective on the condition. When the trials are successful then there are chances that the Phentermine drug is approved for other purposes too.

Only when the researchers are made on the Phentermine it is possible to completely know about it. In other words, we can use the medication to the fullest and get benefitted. There are also some drugs that have been banned after so many years when the authorities found out the drug trigger severe effects in the body.

Clinical trials should be done on regular basis on Phentermine and only then we can discover so many factors about it. This is the reason why so much money is spent on it in the name of research.